Sunday, October 26, 2008

notes from the craft fair

new necklaces

suzy-lee collars

button collars

Today was kraftbomb day, and it went really well.  There was a really positive atmosphere with this craft fair- lots of friendly people, neat crafts and live music which really added to the atmosphere.  I had some new collars to show (they were not very photogenic... I am a terrible photographer, and the ones I really wanted to show you turned out blurry.  Oops.)  I also added some necklaces with a bow shape- an idea to use up left over fabric and to try something new.  I left feeling really positive about the whole craft thing.  Sometimes I think its so nice to be able to participate in something like that.

Another piece of news-news that I've been neglecting to mention is that my collars have recently been listed on Toggle, a website that sells New Zealand craft, which is quite special.  So even if you can't make to the craft fairs they will be online (yay!).

Its a long weekend in New Zealand, which is nice.  It is so relaxing to have an extra day off- I plan to spend it finishing off reading Sense and Sensibilty (Jane Austen of course!) which is surprisingly good.  And I will dip into my Liberty stash and make myself yet another smocky top from my super-easy and useful pattern....  Perhaps I will show you the results in the next post.


ruby in the dust said...

ahoy there! love the collars, will blog them soon (will send you a note when I do). xH

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

hi anna!
Oh how I love your collars and am very keen on owning one of your bow necklaces but trying so hard to save too. Perhaps next kraftbomb I'll splash out- or perhaps my BF will for me (I live in hope!).