Wednesday, May 14, 2008

oh, hello there

Hello, I hope this finds you well. I'm being a bit of a slacker and not posting any pictures remotely design or craft related, even though there are a few things I would love to show here...

Things have been more than a little bit busy in my world, especially as I have the rather lovely task of finding a new job... But you know, if I have any downtime my creative output may increase! It would be great to spend sometime on my own ideas... and I have a few interesting ones in the pipeline!

However, over time I have noticed that I have a very good ability to talk and talk about my ideas and then never get them of the ground for some reason or other. So for that very reason alone I won't air them on this blog until I have convinced myself that they will go ahead... I do have some envy of those more motivated people out there, but I know that it takes time, money and effort to get a great plan (or any plan) off the ground...

Anyway it is dark now and I'm going to go home and cook a curry and knit. Cold winter nights huh?? :)

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