Monday, April 14, 2008

ghost grey

If I was making a range of clothes, I would be sure to call a shade of grey like this 'ghost grey'. Unfortunately, due to my photography skills, the photos do not do this top justice! I have been dipping into my fabric stash as of late, and this is my newest piece. I thought that I would play around with some stitching detail this time, and have wound up creating an art deco meets handcraft bit of stitching on the yoke, which is very endearing...


Blooming said...

You have a fabric stash? I must read on!
I found you via My FolkLover, popping in to say Hi. I am an Aucklander living in Osaka.
I like to sew. That stitching is really lovely. Very exact. I have a hard time hand sewing, I'm too impatient.

lilysmakebelieve said...

Your stitching lines have come alive in this one. It's lovely- makes me think of bunnies? is that weird?