Saturday, January 12, 2008

pins and needles (version 2.0)

Do you ever get pins and needles? I do. I have what some people would call a bad habit of sitting on my leg when I'm at the computer, and usually wind up getting pins and needles.

However I do like pins and needles of the sewing kind, and what they can create. I have never owned a pincushion, so when I was on holiday, with my craft lite kit, I decided to make one. I'm really into this mad coral pink colour, and I just can't seem to get enough of using it. I did try to be good and do nice handwritten feminine script, but I don't seem to be that good with it, so freehand text won out in the end. Which I don't mind. The grey marle felt offsets it perfectly- I really want to do some more work with this fabric. If I was more ambititious and didn't sleep much I think that it would make a great background for an applique or embroidery of one of my fashion figures.

I drew this needle a while back and have been trying to figure out a good home for it. Part of me says that it would make a great tattoo as it would have great trompe l'oiel effect. But I think that I may try my hand at putting it into a print repeat. Now that would be a learning curve.

ps. I'm calling this post version 2.0 as blogger gobbled up my newly finished post, threw a tantrum and decided not to post it (grumble). I think I have managed to remember most of what I had to say.

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