Monday, April 9, 2007

lazy days

I have been staying with my parents over the past few days. Going 'back home' is always so lovely. Napier is such a relaxing little seaside town- I often don't appreciate it fully until I get there and realise that it is much much more relaxing than Auckland is!!!

I have been busy working on my embroidery- now all that remains is an odd triangle shape which I am struggling to figure out what to put in it..! But however I can easily busy myself with putting in all the peripheral bits and pieces (mice, a spider, a toadstool somewhere) that have been pushed aside to make way for more important things (like what to put in the middle of the embroidery).

You may wonder why I have been inspired to make a piece like this for my niece (apart from being a time-rich but cash poor student at the time I started it). When I was about 5 one of my sisters (I have 4 sisters and 1 brother- and I am the baby) was in Scotland on her O.E and I think she may have been nannying or working in a craft shop, where she made me this pencil case. It has been worn to death- note the hole and the ink stains (!) - but is still very much treasured. So now I am reciprocating that gesture for her little daughters.

My embroidery, and the well worn and well loved inspiration for it all!


Renee :) said... sweet!I can't beleive you still have the pencil case & I love the fact that now you are making something so special for her daughter!I think her daughter will always treasure it...I know my girls would as it's such a beautiful piece!I'm sure you'll figure out what else to put on it,although it looks great to me like it is now. :)How did you learn to embroider like that?I am really hoping to learn one day as it's such a beautiful way to decorate something plain.

Anna said...

The embroidery is worked mainly in backstitch and French Knots, both of which are quite easy to work with. Sometimes I have to block in the figures, but most of the time I just work freehand (a bumblebee is a go-go at the moment). I learnt how to embroider when i was little through a cross stitch my Nana brought me (unfinished, but I still have it) and some classes i took when I was little. I went to op-shop today and returned with several 70's sewing patterns and needlework magazines- verrrrry funny!